Why Learn Car Tinting?

Learning car tinting can offer numerous benefits for both professionals and car enthusiasts.

As an enthusiast, learning car tinting can be a difficult task on your own.

For those looking to enter the automotive industry, learning car tinting can open up new career opportunities in a growing niche, offering the chance to become a skilled professional in high demand.

Course Overview

5-day comprehensive window tinting class. We will cover window cleaning and preparation methods, window, film shrinking, and installation, as well as business basics. Practice film and tools provided with each class. Includes lifetime post-class guidance and consultation.

Day 1: Introduction to Window Tinting

Day 2: Window Cleaning and Preparation

Day 3: Window Film Shrinking Techniques

Day 4: Window Film Installation

Day 5: Business Basics for Window Tinting

Throughout the 5-day comprehensive window tinting class, students would have the opportunity to gain practical experience by working on actual window tinting projects. This hands-on approach allows them to apply the knowledge and skills they’ve acquired during the course.

By the end of the class, participants would be well-prepared to pursue a career in window tinting, whether as a professional installer or as an entrepreneur starting their own window tinting business. They would have a strong foundation in both the technical aspects of the trade and the business acumen necessary for success in the industry.

Instructor Profiles

Robert Yang has years or tinting and business experience. He opened his first tint shops in New York and later has opened several shops around the DFW Metroplex. Rob’s experience as both an installer and business man will give you a unique eye into the world of window tinting.

Registration and Enrollment

Cost for our 5-day window tinting class is $1499. Please call or text 469-476-8789 to enroll.

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Class Locations

Plano, TX

Carrollton, TX

Albany, NY

Clifton Park, NY